Globber GO BIKE DUO Balance Bike For Toddlers Aged 2+




GO BIKE系列幼兒平衡單車提供兩個階段反轉車架設計:低車架模式協助幼兒最初階段的平衡力,高車架模式讓小朋友成長時繼續使用GO BIKE! 現在,GO BIKE系列比以前用途更多,無論什麼年紀的小朋友都可以盡情學習平衡力及協調力! 

• Toddler balance bike for boys and girls aged 2-5Y comes with a dual rear wheel design (2 x 215mm / 8.5” EVA foam wheels) and a tool-less, removable footrest, aiding your child to learn how to balance and develop key bicycle riding skills. 

• Well-designed, reversible toddler balance bike frame allows you to quickly and easily change our balance bike for toddlers aged 2-5Y from a dual rear wheel low frame to a single rear wheel high frame position, as soon as your child has mastered balance, coordination and motor skills, for continued usage as your child develops!  

• Adjustable balance bike for 2- to 5-year-old toddlers comes with an 8-height adjustable saddle (4 heights per frame), made of soft & comfortable PU, and 2-height adjustable, curved handlebars with comfortable and durable TPR ergonomic grips. 

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Weight9 kg

Blue, mint, Pink, Red